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There’s no point creating great content if no-one can find it and interact with it.

We use a combination of unique processes and tools to put your content in front of the right people.

Online Video Seeding

Kamber offers its clients access to a unique online video seeding solution which gives great video content the exposure it deserves.

This solution enables us to reach the right people, in the right places, at the right times through the use of a combination of proven tactics.

How does our video seeding solution work?

The process starts with understanding the preferences of the target audience.

Ideally, this process should take place long before the video seeding program is initiated.

Instead, gathering audience insights should occur prior to the content creation process, informing strategic direction and the final product. For example, social media conversations and search engine data can make the creative solution easier to find or help refine initial concepts.

This doesn’t mean our video seeding solution will not deliver on pre-agreed targets without being involved from the start of the creative process. In fact, we are primarily engaged once the video production process is complete and the finished product is delivered to us.

The graphic below provides an overview of the tactics we employ.

Kamber video seeding and content promotion process

Who do we target?

Targetting is dependent on the campaign objectives.

Normally, we break targetting down by location, gender, age, interests and level of influence.

Paid options deliver the most efficient ‘broadcast’ results due to the data made available by the major platforms and sites.

Earned media outreach is often aimed at much smaller audience who have resonance within the communities they operate in.

Owned media activity primarily involves the optimisation of the video content in the places it has been published, including making the video as visible possible within YouTube’s search engine.

Partners also play a vital role in the video seeding process. For example, a fashion brand may provide its retailer network with the video in question to reach an audience with a high propensity to view and share that piece of content.

If you’d like more information about this solution, including the way we developing bespoke strategies for each video seeding campaign, call Adam on +62 428 342 323.

If you’d like to learn more about the subject of video seeding in general, have a read of our ‘what is video seeding and how does it work’ blog post.

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