Social Media Content Production & Management

The explosion of social media has provided brands and businesses with an opportunity to be bona fide publishers, but the content often misses the mark.

We focus on producing content and digital assets that reflect the needs and preferences of your audience, generating better cut-through and engagement.

Videos. Words. Graphics. Photos. We do it all.

Content Planning, Production and Publishing

The key to social media success is identifying the interests you share with the communities you operate in.

Once you’ve done this, you identify which sub-topics you have the authority and permission to talk about.

These become your content themes and will help you cut through the noise on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to the establishment and on-going refinement of your content themes, we develop planning process to ensure consistency.

We also help you strike the right balance between creating original content and curating relevant content.

If you’re going to be socially active, we help you do it the right way.

Social Media Community Management (On Page)

‘Owned’ social media communities provide brands and businesses with the opportunity to engage in a consistent dialogue with people based upon shared passions and interests.

Why does building and maintaining ‘owned’ communities matter? If executed well, they can give brands and business the opportunity for direct audience communication, minimising the reliance of traditional paid media over time.

In some cases, popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram are suitable, while in other cases, niche platforms are a better fit.

For businesses starting from scratch, we can build, manage and moderate communities on your behalf. The building process can include the use of paid and sponsored promotion tactics including Facebook and Twitter advertising.

For businesses that are already active, we can augment your presence by developing content and campaigns that will give you a boost.

Instead of treating community management like an ‘add on’, we help our clients make it a vibrant and powerful part of their broader digital presence.

Social Media Conversations (Off Page)

Social media conversations don’t just take place on the platforms you ‘own’, they also take place in ‘earned’ social channels.

One of the common mistakes brands and businesses make is only focusing on bringing people over to the places they’re active, instead of going to them.

As part of our social media community management service, we identify where people are mentioning your business and develop ways to add value to these conversations.

Once we have our dashboards and processes in place, we can enter conversations in real-time and provide proactive help and support.

Some of the locations these online conversations can take place include 3rd party blogs, social networks, forums and discussion boards.

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Kamber is a specialist content marketing, video production and social media agency.

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