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More often than not, you’ll be told where to be online, but not how to behave once you get there.

We focus on how you can sustainably create and curate content that helps you reach the right people and adds value to the communities you operate in.

Content Audits

Evaluating the performance of content can mean different things to different people. While people tend to get excited by the most visible numbers like views and shares, we delve deeper to help you understand what metrics really matter against your broader content goals. In some cases, your content goals may not be correctly aligned with your business objectives.

Our process also examines the performance of your competitor set to identify where they are making inroads and where they are missing the mark.

All of this information is collated to create benchmarks and inform the direction of your content strategy.

Content Strategy

The arrival of social media has provided businesses with the channels to publish their own content. However, many businesses have established these channels without establishing a strategy for the content that lives there.

Our content marketing strategy process identifies how content should be developed, used and published. We identify the specific content themes you are best equipped to own which will help make you a ‘go-to’ resource.

We also develop the structures and procedures to help fulfill your content marketing mission.

Social Media Audits

Social media audits are the most vital ingredient in the social media strategy process.

Each social media audit is dependent on where your business is at within the social media lifecycle.

If you have traditionally been inactive, the focus is primarily on your competitor set and audience behaviour.

If you have a history of being active, we look deeper into the performance of each of your channels to better understand what’s working and what isn’t.

A series of top line recommendations results from this process and leads into the in-depth social media strategy development phase.

Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy process is often misunderstood. It is not simply about which platforms should be used or how social media fits within your digital strategy.

Instead, your social media strategy should identify the role it should play within your business and how you can add value to the online lives of the communities you operate in.

We take the insights gleaned from our channel and content audit to identify which topics you’re best equipped to base your participation around.

Once this has been established, a step-by-step guide to bringing the recommendations to life is produced.

Social Media and Content Performance Measurement

How do you measure social media and content performance?

It really depends on the purpose social media and content plays within your organisation.

If you’re an online retailer, the metric you are most interested in is the number of website referrals being sent your way from your social media and content marketing activity.

If you’re a new business, and awareness is your biggest issue, metrics relating to reach and visibility might be at the top of your list.

We start with establishing a purpose for your activity and the ‘hard’ metrics which can be measured against this goal.

We then use the ‘soft’ metrics that are specific to each channel to measure platform performance.

But mostly, we focus on changing behaviour first and once this change has taken effect, we establish benchmarks and measure against those indicators.

Social Media and Content Consulting

We also provide our clients with a variety of social media and content consulting options.

This support is very dependent on the client requirement, but examples include tactical advice to support campaigns / launches, recommendations regarding internal team structures and processes, and other forms of ad hoc assistance.

If you’re interested in exploring consultant support options, get in contact with us.

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